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New Kite

It has been cold in the kite shop but, we have come up with a new kite based on Japanese designs. As soon as we can get out and take pictures we will put it on the website.

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We all need a sobriety coach

Jim Keown (AKA Dr Blond) says we all need a sobriety coach looking out for us! here is ours

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short history of sun oak kites

In the late 1960s Richard Langdon became disillusioned with the U.S. Army and left for India to study with wise men. While there he saw all the local kites and family kite making. One teacher there said “walk in the woods, swim and do something fun every day.” So, Richard moved to a farm in Crawford County, Ind., built a pond and made kites, incorporating his family and friends into the business. In the late 1980s Jim Keown met up with Richard, they became fast friends. Then Annie came on board ( a wonderful seamstress) As the family retired out...

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Sun Oak Kites is back

kites handmade kites

We almost stopped to go on to other things. Then we started getting ideas for new designs.Look back often for new limited edition kites. Hope you enjoy!

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